M-lend Financial
Patient Lending

Welcome to M~lend Financial, offering patient and consumer financing services throughout
the country for almost 20 years.

We’re unique for the industry in that we
charge no fees or have discounted payments to the
.  Doctors, clinics, hospitals, treatment facilities, insulation and home improvement
companies can participate without signup or agreement.   There is no paperwork or loan
contracts to complete and keep on file.

There are no application or processing fees and, if qualified, applicants will be extended
interest-free terms at no additional costs to them or the providers.

Particularly for addiction treatment. With no interest charges for an extended period of time,
this can be a welcome bridge financing vehicle, until other long term debt arrangements can
be  explored. Solutions such as equity lines or asset liquidation, that tend to take more time
than the urgency of admission will allow.

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